Leading next year’s Australian Contingent (PQAU) will be the talented and highly accomplished artist and designer Jacob Nash.  knowN for his ongoing work with Bangarra Dance theatre as well as his stunning interventions (as lead designer for Sydney Festival and elsewhere), Jake will share his wealth experience and perspective as a First Nations artist.
“As a First Nations Australian designer I am continually decolonising theatre spaces and creating performance spaces that culturally respond to the story being told”.
PQAU23 will be an installation that speaks to how Jake interprets Country and creates landscapes for live performance. Working with collaborators, Jennifer Irwin and Steve Francis, the work will bring together some of the most iconic design elements from Bangarra’s repertoire to create a space that  talkS to the ancient stories held within First Nations culture in Australia and EXPLORES how they exist in a contemporary form when not on country.
This space will not be a space for performance but one that holds the memory of performance, Country and culture. Audiences will be able to walk within this scared space, not as observers, but as participants exploring the space where ancient and contemporary culture collide.

Dark Emu - Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Jake will also be working with students from the VCA to develop (in collaboration with QUT, NIDA and WAAPA) a work for the Student and Emerging Designer exhibit.  Jo Brisco (VCA)  will be heading up the student contingent and well as acting as curator for Countries and Regions.   Anna Tregloan will remain involved until the end of the year as will producer Erin Milne (Bureau of Works).
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