the guise of the solo performer
In 2015, the Australian exhibition considered the results, implications and evidence of action by the masses and featured works where differing senses of accumulation were core.  For 2019 we are taking a different tack.  Rather than works that are energised by drawing numerous individuals into a single dream, this year we focus on individuals that radiate outward.  Performers who largely stand alone on stage while their created worlds revolve around them.
The solo performer.  The one who stands vulnerable but fearless.  A nucleus that the event unfolds around, or so it would seem.  In fact (and of course) it takes a village.
Our four key works, CARRION, REPATRIATE, THE RAPTURE AND THE SECOND WOMAN, have performance artists who demonstrate courage and staggering originality smack in their centres.  Through putting their own person as the crux of the work they are able to embed a politic and communicate it in a quintessentially individual way.   In quite different ways each also works their physicality in concert with design to achieve an integrated form. In these works costume, mask and physical space are not an exterior facade. It is only through collaboration with a village of other artists, designers and composers that the performance becomes.